Message from the Chairman

The Exalted Name Allah’s is the glory revealed in everything. Beneficence and mercy are the reflection of Allah’s name and remain alive in human in the every state of action. Beauty is the attributes of the Lord, and this manifestation in His Slaves with unlimited strength and capabilities. Basically Allah gives some part of knowledge, power, and mercy to Human from His own self. But human beings, as further He guides, providing us with the special abilities and facilities so that we can enhance our lives upon the earth. He is the most generous Lord who taught through the way of pen. The existential qualities solely belong to Allah and not to anyone else. We as human beings have the ability to take on those existential qualities that are given to us.

The purpose of UITS is to explicate us manners, character and good behavior along with education to carry the message of independence worth to humanity. Our dear students, honorable teachers and hardworking management jointly works together to explore the importance of focusing our faculties and building concentration with education in order to have a fruitful relationship with nation. Religion furnishes the conceptual framework in which science can flourish, as science is not something that is caused by humankind. An invented cultural institution requires a unique soil to flourish, and that is why I would like to reiterate that “Divine blessings mixed with hard work, backed by good intentions, makes miracles.”

The growth and development of life as a whole enhance by focusing and interacting with others in care of spirit and spiritual practices. We, as UITS Family, are trying to improve our life by focusing on other aspects of life as well.


May God bless all of us with His divine Peace, Happiness and Prosperity (PHP).

Al Haj Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman
Board of Governors of UITS and PHP Group

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