Message of the Honorable Vice Chancellor

Every day the world’s environment is becoming unconventional and unusual due to the accumulated paces in technological changes, cultural diversities, contested political ideologies, and governmental philosophies and so on. However, education is the only weapon, a country or a nation can depend on to move ahead with success in the unforeseeable future. The vision of UITS, backed by the thriving intellectual culture of Bangladesh and her long tradition and culture, is to be a world class university using information technology as teaching methodology. This vision has eloquently been stated by the Chairman, Board of the Trustees and Chairman of the PHP family, renowned career industrialist, religious leader, man of wisdom, philosopher and philanthropist Al-Haj Sufi Mohammed Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury as “Divine blessings mixed with hard work backed by good intentions can make miracle.”

I take this opportunity to congratulate the honorable Chairman of the Board of the Trustees, faculties, staff, students, guardians, well-wishers and other stakeholders for working together in order to create productive human resources to meet the job market at home and abroad. I believe the first IT based private university of Bangladesh, UITS,  supported by the sagacious Board of the Trustees, insightful administration, talented faculties, cooperative staff, ambitious and industrious students, and well-meaning well-wishers in cooperation with the like-minded universities at home and abroad, shall reach sky high in its growth with the ultimate objective of serving the nation, civilization and humanity by producing all-round graduates imbued with ethics, values, dignity, high morale and pleasant personality.



Dr. Mohammed Solaiman
Vice Chancellor
University of Information Technology & Sciences(UITS)
Dhaka, Bangladesh.



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