Department of Civil Engineering

Vision Statement

A collaborative hub where leading civil engineering research serves the needs of a broad array of disciplines and where innovations in other fields are applied to enrich civil engineering research and practice.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to develop highly competent professionals, preparing them for entry-level positions in civil engineering, further study in graduate school, life-long learning, and societal leadership. Allied with both the School of Engineering’s mission, the Department of Civil Engineering is proud of its public service mandate to educate leaders of the nation, fostering intellectual growth of our students so that they may become productive citizens in the service of humanity. The Department is dedicated to providing a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes open-ended design, problem-solving skills, team work, communication, and leadership skills.

To accomplish its mission, the Department of Civil Engineering:

  • offers an exceptional curriculum including in-depth coverage in five technical sub-disciplines of civil engineering: Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering, Transportation engineering, Environmental engineering and Water Resources engineering, as well as broad coverage in: Computer Aided Design, Construction Management, Building services, and Surveying;
  • engages students in creating innovative design solutions that include realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, constructability, sustainability, and global considerations, and disseminating these designs at national and regional venues;
  • provides undergraduate research experiences, allowing students to work closely with members of the faculty; and
  • employs highly dedicated faculty members who are effective teacher-scholars committed to maintaining a learner-centered undergraduate environment with emphasis on student mentoring.

Strategic Objectives

The Department of Civil Engineering (CE) has developed a long term strategy to guide our efforts, a plan designed to navigate growth and change with common, overarching goals that align with the Department’s vision and mission.

  1. Education - Enhance our curriculum and learning pedagogy to prepare our students to become global leaders in addressing the societal grand challenges and identifying opportunities that are at the interface of built, natural, and social systems.
  2. Research - Leverage CE’s size, breadth, and depth to address the greatest challenges facing the state, nation, and world through the development and support of research opportunities across all disciplines.
  3. Global Public Service and Outreach - To empower, inspire, and equip CE students and faculty to be engaged global citizens through public service and outreach that address challenges on the state, national, and/or global levels.
  4. Creativity and Innovation - To embrace creativity and innovation as guiding values in our academic community, in educating the next generation, and in establishing trend-setting research.
  5. Leadership - Foster an environment in which CE’s status as a local, national and global thought leader in the field is promoted in multiple venues, internally and externally.
  6. Organizational Effectiveness - Relentlessly pursue administrative effectiveness, innovation, and excellence to enable CE faculty, staff, and students to fulfill the Department’s educational, research, service and tactical missions.

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

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