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Saraban Tahora

Office:12th Floor, Main Campus


1. Ph.d (Fellow), Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka.

2. M.S. (Thesis), Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka.

Result: 1st class 7th position.

3. B.Sc (Four years Hons.), Mathematics, Deprtment of Mathematics, University of Dhaka.

Result: 1st class 13th Position.


1. Khondokar M. Ahmed & Saraban Tahora "Multilinear algebras and Tensors with Vector Subbundle of Manifolds. Dhaka Uni. J. Sci. 62(1):31-35, 2014(January) (Received: 9 January 2013; Accepted: 23 September 2013).

2. Saraban Tahora & Khondokar M. Ahmed "Study on De Rham Cohomology Algebra on Manifolds". Dhaka Uni. J. Sci. 64(2):109-113, 2016(July) (Received: 3 September 2015; Accepted: 7 June 2016).

3. Saraban Tahora and Shahina Akter "Lattice of Fuzzy Numbers"(Under procession).

Research Areas

1. Project Work: Lattice of Fuzzy Numbers.

2. Thesis Work: Manifolds with Cohomology and Riemannian Geometry.


1. Fundamental Mathematics.

2. Differential & Integral Calculus.

3. Ordinary & Partial Differential Equation.

4. Coordinate Geometry & Vector Analysis.

5. Coordinate Geometry & Matrix Algebra.

6. Complex Variable.

7. Linear Algebra.

8.Laplace Transformation & Fourier Analysis.

9. Numerical Methods & Analysis.

Extra Curicular Activites
Other Information
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