UITS Faculty Profile of - MS. IFTESHAM BASHAR (IB)


Lecturer Lecturer
Office:Department of Civil Engineering, UITS


B.Sc in Civil Engineering from BUET in 2007, M.Sc in Civil (Structural) Engineering from BUET in 2012

  • Zaman, A., Bashar, I., Ahmed, Z. U., “Study of Earthquake Liquefaction Potential For Dhaka City”, Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary, Vol. 1, No. 15, P. 454-463, Nov., 2013.


  • Ahmed, Z. U., Bashar, I., Rahman, M. M., Zaman, A., “Tsunami Risk Assessment Of Sandwip  Island In The Coast Of Bangladesh Using GIS Tool”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology,  Vol. 2, No. 12, P. 385-395, Dec., 2013. (Link: http://doi.org/10.15623/ijret.2013.0212066)
  • Bashar, I., Amanat, K. M., “Numerical Investigation of Ultimate Axial Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Steel Angles”, Journal Of Civil Engineering (IEB), Bangladesh. (Final review stage)
  • Bashar, I., Amanat, K. M., “A Comparative Study of Load Capacity of Angles using Finite Element Analysis and International Codes”, Journal Of Civil Engineering (IEB), Bangladesh. (Final review stage)

Research Areas

interested to research in:

                                    (a) Static and Dynamic Analysis and design of structures such as reinforced concrete and steel structures

                                    (b) Analysis of precast and reinforced concrete beam-column connections using Finite Element Methods.

                                    (c) Optimization of structures, retrofitting and rehabilitation of R.C.C structures





 Theory courses

 Course Code and Course Title: i)  CE 355 Design of Concrete Structures (3 credit hours/week)

                                             ii)  CE 241 Fluid Mechanics (3 credit hours/week)

                                             iii) CE 311 Environmental Engineering I (3 credit hours/week)

                                             iv) CE 313 Environmental Engineering II (3 credit hours/week)

                                              v)  CE 491 Project Management (3 credit hours/week)

                                             vi) CE 201 Engineering Materials (3 credit hours/week)

                                             vii) CE 331 Transportation Engineering I (3 credit hours/week)


  Sessional classes

  Course Code and Course Title: i)  CE 308 Concrete Structure Lab (3 credit hours/week)

                                              ii)  CE 208 Structural Mechanics Lab (3 credit hours/week)

                                              iii) CE 314 Environmental Engineering Lab I (3 credit hours/week)

                                              iv) CE 242 Fluid Mechanics Lab (3 credit hours/week)                                                                  

                                              v)  CE 414 Environmental Engineering Lab II (3 credit hours/week)


- to supervise B.Sc thesis (Civil Structural) of students

- total working hours: overall 15 credit hours per week

Extra Curicular Activites

singing, roaming, doing social activities for human welfare

Other Information
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